The program provides free medicines for fever, cough and colds; medicines for the prevention of tuberculosis; and other medicines like antibiotics and vitamins for Quezon City residents. Each Quezon City Health Center has a medicine dispensing room where residents may avail of the medicines with a doctor’s prescription. The program also provides free medicines for indigent QCitizens diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.


  1. A prescription from the Health Center’s licensed doctor.
  2. If the doctor’s prescription has expired, the person may consult with the Health Center doctor to get a new medical prescription. The person may present another doctor’s prescription.
  3. QCitizen ID or any valid ID with a Quezon City address.


  1. QCitizen ID or any valid ID with a Quezon City address or Certificate of Indigency.
  2. Licensed medical doctor’s prescription.


  1. Go to the nearest Quezon City Health Center or District Action Office.
  2. Present the doctor’s prescription or seek medical consultation at the Health Center to secure a medicine prescription.
  3. Bring the prescription and give it to the dispensing officer to log it in the dispensing record.
  4. Once the patient received the medicines, the dispensing officer will ask the patient to sign in the dispensing logbook.
  5. If there is no available supply of the said medicine, the dispensing officer will refer the patient or client to the Social Services Development Department with a proper referral slip that indicates the complete details of the patient.


  1. If you are already a regular patient or client of the Non – Communicable disease program, you can show your prescription directly to the medicine dispensing officer to get the medicine that was issued for the last 3 months.
  2. Patients with hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes may have their consultation at the nearest Health Center and registered with the Non – Communicable Disease Program.
  3. Go to your District Action Office to get your initial free medicine (good for one week). Proceed to the Health Center for check-ups and get registered with the Non- Communicable Disease Program.


  1. For antibiotic medicine, the prescription is valid for one week’s supply only. For vitamins and maintenance medicines, the prescription is valid for three months.
  2. For old prescriptions, visit the nearest Health Center for a consultation to secure your new medicine prescription.
  3. For Bedridden Patients, an authorized person is assigned to deliver the medicine supply at home. If not, then relatives or an authorized member of the family is allowed to get the medicines at the Health Center. Kindly bring one photocopy each of a valid ID of the patient as well as the ID of the authorized person.
  4. Only generic brand of medicines is available at the Health Centers and District Action Offices.
  5. All registered patients in the Non- Communicable Disease Program must have a quarterly follow -up check-up every three ( 3) months and seek consultation when needed.